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    Can you run weeks before actually upgrading the server to 5.0.8 or does it need to be done at the same time of upgrade? What is the rule of thumb on how long it takes to run?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Yes the intent of the script is to reduce upgrade time by running it before you upgrade.

    The relevant section from the release notes is below.

    Upgrading from 5.0.2 or earlier
    To shorten the time it takes to upgrade from 5.0.2 or earlier to 5.0.3 or later,
    you may want to run the script against all or a
    subset of mailbox groups in order to reduce the amount of downtime needed
    to perform the full upgrade. Schema version 50 introduced in 5.0.3 GA widens
    the column size of the revision table in the ZCS database. This script can take
    a significant amount of time on large systems.
    If you do not run this script before you upgrade, the column size of the revision
    table is widened as part of the ZCS upgrade, but this can increase the time it
    takes to upgrade.
    Run this script on all Zimbra mailbox servers.
    1. Before you begin, stop all ZCS processes except mysql
    2. Go to the directory where is located, /opt/
    3. Run -g
    If you run this without options, you will see how many mailbox groups need
    to be upgraded and you can set the number of accounts to be processed at
    a time.
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