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Thread: Cleaning up /opt/zimbra orphaned files

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    Default Cleaning up /opt/zimbra orphaned files

    My Zimbra installation started at v4 and has had every upgrade applied up to the latest 5.08

    Would it be possible to include a clean up script in the next release?

    For example there is still a folder /opt/zimbra/tomcat but this was changed to jetty at v5

    And is amavisav or clamav used, for example.

    I'm sure someone knows which files are no longer required.


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    There is an RFE somewhere on what we could consider removing on upgrade, but till then:
    Run a ls -la, generally the stuff that's symlinked will point to the current versions.
    If somethings got 3+ versions I save just the 2 most recent.
    When in doubt, error on the side of caution or make a backup before removing.

    You can delete those config.##### Not a whole lot of room freed up on it, but I guess you're just trying to tidy up.
    If you're cleaning out your /opt/zimbra/.saveconfig/ folder however be a little more careful. Subfolders for old configs is one thing, but I wouldn't suggest removing your current, etc

    Do NOT remove the jdk1.5.x_x folder as we're still using it in 5.0.8
    Bug 13487 – Upgrade to JDK 1.6 for 5.0.x series, then Bug 27890 – Downgrade to JDK 1.5.0_15 for 5.0.6 to avoid 3 sun bugs:
    Bug ID: 6614100 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION while running Eclipse with 1.6.0_05-ea - fixed
    Bug ID: 6546278 Synchronization problem in the pseudo memory barrier code - fixed
    Bug ID: 6693490 (se) select throws "File exists" IOException under load (lnx) - still open but fix planned
    It also solves this issue:

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