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Thread: New installation shows queue full of emails

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    Question New installation shows queue full of emails

    Hi Guys,

    I just did a clean install (my second) of Debian then Zimbra, two problems maybe someone has some insight on.

    1. Under 'Mail Queues' in the admin console there are two mta's (1 & 2) that look like they are filled with mail. The heading at the top of the window makes it look like the server name is "" and "" takes me to Zimbra homepage.The destination domains are yahoo, gmail hotmail and This is the second time from a clean install I have seen this occuring. Is this normal?

    2. I too am suffering from the 'Status Data not Available' message in the Server Status. The last time the server was on for about 2 days with no update and this one has been on for a few hours.

    This server is from the latest posted on, 197. I know when I tried 160 the server status pane was showing me the individual services and their staus and I don't remember seeing the postfix queue have anything in it....

    Thanks Guys, -J
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