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    Default 1gig of RAM

    Wow min requirement is 1 gig of ram.. That seems pretty hefty for a mailserver. Yeah I know ram is cheap, skip *bucks for a week and you got your $ for ram. But that just seems like a lot for ram. I run my personal site(wordpress), gallery, MySQL etc. and everything is very snappy with my 512mb... I guess I will be missing out on the zimbra fun. Bummed!!

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    Min ram is actually 512 - and it's been run on less - but if you expect to pass alot of traffic, more == better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corefile
    Wow min requirement is 1 gig of ram.. That seems pretty hefty for a mailserver.
    Ever used Exchange?

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    Default Low powered machine

    Well, as an FYI: I'm currently running Zimbra on an Asus Terminator C3 with 512 mb of RAM. In case you're not familiar with that particular machine, it is running a Via (not AMD or Intel) cpu at 800 mhz. Currently, you can buy this entire machine with everything but a hard drive and memory from for $125.

    This is not a high powered machine. And, I'll be honest in that the install took a LONG time to complete. However, it seems to be perfectly responsive now, and I expect to use it as the primary mail server for my family.


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