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    I have successfully installed ZCS 5.0 Open source, and now I need to know
    How its performance ie.. Number of users,Number of mail/hour, load balancing and all details

    I want 1000 users to support with 250MB mail box each, is it possible
    Number of mail send per hour: 5,000
    My configuraton:
    20 GB free space --> HDD
    Processor --> Intel pentium Dual core
    Ram --> 2 GB
    pls comment on it.....

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    There will be a couple 'gotchas', so here is my two cents, with some questions, otherwise, it is totally possible:

    1.) I would separate out your MX / Antivirus to another box.
    2.) Disk IO will be crucial. What types / sizes of disks will you be using?
    3.) What type of RAID will be used? Hardware / Software RAID?
    4.) RAM, RAM, RAM I'd recommend going to 8 GB of memory depending on how your users are going to be accessing their e-mail.

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