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Thread: Need help configuring DNS, Zimbra and Bind already installed

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    Default Need help configuring DNS, Zimbra and Bind already installed

    I have the newest Zimbra installed and Bind installed on Debian Etch. The webmail and admin work, however I don't think I have DNS setup correctly. I have my resolve.conf pointing at my server with bind.

    Below is the only thing I have modified in my named.conf, "" has my real domain.

    zone "" {
    type master;
    file "/etc/bind/db.local";

    Can anyone point me at a doc or walk me through setting up DNS so mail will flow correctly?

    I have external DNS setup at and am pointing to the external IP and have NAT setup correctly on the firewall.

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    You'll find these details of Split DNS set-up should enable you to get it running, there's also some diagnostic tips in the forums if you want to post the output here. You'll also need a correctly configured /etc/hosts file, see the Quick Start Guide for details.


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