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    Smile GAL (Need Help)

    I'm using external LDAP for auth (seems to work!), and would like to have GAL reference the same external server.

    I'd like 'external' GAL or 'both' GAL -for my LDAP and Zimbra's OpenLdap (BTW - will external GAL only list accounts also in Zimbra???).

    I was able to get it to complete and configure successfully for external and both, but for the test, it would always fail to find known users in the directories, though it would complete successfully.

    I used the page brought by the help button to fill-in auto-complete and search filter, and used my own ldap search base relevant to my external ldap (used the same base I specified for configuring external auth).

    What log should I check to see why this lookup is failing to find anyone?

    If I use both, how do I specify two search bases? Do I need to separate each with something?

    Also, how can I have a particular alias show up instead of the user's main mail or uid address? E.g. each user is created with a specific Id, that is not necessarily the one they want showing in the GAL.

    s g
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