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Thread: install DNS server for zimbra problem

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    Unhappy install DNS server for zimbra problem

    i am trying to install ZCS 5.0.8 on suse 10.3 using this tutorial

    but i faced a problem while trying to install and configure BIND using this guide
    Making Zimbra & BIND Work Together » Zimbra :: Blog

    1) i didnt find a "caching-nameserver" package for suse (only for redhat's family)
    2) i have to copy a file in /var/named/ called, but there is no such directory, i found only /var/run/named/ with one file :
    where would i find the ???? PLEAZE help me
    (and i am really sorry if there is a duplicated thread, i have a problem with my internet connection)
    thanks !!!!!!

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    Yast has a great utility for setting up BIND. It is so much easier than trying to use the command line. I prefer the text based Yast to the GUI yast.

    In fact, being from the Windows world for 15 years before even looking at Linux, Yast is what made me chose the SuSE distro over the others.

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