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Thread: debootstrap error following Gentoo wiki build instructions

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    Default debootstrap error following Gentoo wiki build instructions

    I am trying to use Building Zimbra on Gentoo - Zimbra :: Wiki to build Zimbra in /usr/local/zimbra (the wiki uses /zimbra--which I assume is not magical?). I'm on a 32-bit machine with a (native, not VM) Gentoo installation.

    After I emerged debootstrap and created the directory:

    jhayward-desktop jhayward # debootstrap etch /usr/local/zimbra
    I: Retrieving Release
    E: Invalid Release file, no entry for main/binary-/Packages
    What, if anything, should I be doing so that debootstrap can find what it needs for this step of the install?
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    The problem is easy to resolve: debootstrap can't detect your architecture, so provide --arch=amd64 or --arch=i386 as the first argument.....

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