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    Hi, Hope you can help. I am trialing ZCS 5.0 on a newly installed SLES 10 server. Our current mail server is OfficeTalk running on an old NT4 server and that basically downloads mail sent to our domain from our isp in one catch all mailbox then the Officetalk server distributes the mail to the internal users. There are also a couple of individual pop3 accounts at the isp, Officetalk also downloads these and the users pick up the mail from the internal server via their officetalk clients.

    For the purposes of the trial I thought that the best thing would be to divert the two individual pop3 addresses so that they are collected by the ZCS 5.0 server. How would the best way be to do this?

    If the trial is successful could I then collect the catch all pop3 box on the Zimbra server and have the users collect their mail with the Zimbra client.

    I can't at present see how to configure the Zimbra server to download mail via pop3 but various forum articles seem to suggest that it can be done.

    For sending mail can I use our isp's outgoing mail server? It seems this should be done in Relay MTA but when I enter the smtp server name I get the message "value did not match valid values". I presume that I have the syntax wrong.

    If the above isn't practical could you suggest an alternative method to set up the server for the trial.

    The SLES server is behind a NAT firewall so isn't directly open to the internet - is this a problem? Would the server need a direct publicly accessible fixed ip address if we were to use SMTP.

    Thanks for you help

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    To do what you want, you should use fetchmail for receiving the mail.

    setup for fetchmail is fairly well documented online... but there are three basic steps 1) Edit the /etc/fetchmailrc file 2) Put in a line for each of your pop3 accounts that you want to poll. 3) setup fetchmail to poll at some regular interval. (at the top of the fetchmailrc file put in a set daemon 20 or something similar. then run the daemon at system start(usually this entails adding a link to fetchmail in one of the runlevel folders in /etc/rc4.d or /etc/rc5.d which point to the /etc/init.d/fetchmail script)

    poll with proto pop3 auth password user 'replace with external pop3 username' there with password 'replace with external pop3 password' is 'replace with local zimbra username' here

    so a sample one with username foo and password bar with a mailserver of and with a local zimbra username is

    poll with proto pop3 auth password user 'foo' there with password 'bar' is '' here

    As for the external mta try just the IP address. That works for my current situation. Hope this helps.

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