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Thread: VMware System requirements?

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    Default VMware System requirements?

    I just wanted to make my first trys with the OpenSource Version of Zimbra so i downloaded the VMware edition and wanted to run it with the VMwarePlayer on my system.
    But since my computer does not seem to fit the requirements, it does not want to run.
    Everytime i load the VM-File into the Player its complaining that i dont have enought PhysicalMemory available. Currently there are a little more than 300MB of RAM free, which i thought should be enought for just some little testing at the beginning.
    So how much does it need? I dont really wanna start working on a real ServerEnvironment before i dont know if its fitting my needs.

    The only thing i found was in one Topic here saying that its minimum 512MB for the usual Zimbra Installation on a server, and that i was run on less to
    ( )

    Thanks for help :-)

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    Default Minimum of 512MB RAM free

    The Zimbra VMware Appliance requires a minimum of 512MB RAM free. This is specified by the memsize variable in the .vmx file. You could try changing this value, but even if you get the VM to start, I don't think you'll be happy with the performance. Best solution: buy more RAM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mubley
    Best solution: buy more RAM.
    thats what i thought too

    so ill have a look at the local computer store, hoping they have something for me. i anyway wanted to upgrad a little not i have a good reason

    thanks for the fast answer

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