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Thread: External (i.e. non-staff) Jabber users

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    Default External (i.e. non-staff) Jabber users

    Hi there! I'm working on a project to investigate migrating from our existing postfix/openldap/etc platform to zimbra, and most of the tricky technical questions such as ldap integration have been more or less answered. My current question though is: does the built in Jive server have the capability to allow external users to login?

    At the moment we have a jabber2 server, and we allow some customers on to this jabber system by creating very basic accounts in a seperate branch (e.g. ou=customers, or ou=external) Is there some way to do this within Zimbra without creating a mailbox and chewing up a licence per user?

    Googling around and searching bugzilla and here doesn't reveal much, if anything, I'm guessing it's possible to create mailbox-less accounts with the appropriate jabber attributes?

    Or, do you think a simpler method might be to keep these users on our existing jabber2 system with our existing ldap method, and then just link jabber2 and zimbra's jive? Alternatively we could open up to Gtalk and simply recommend to these customers that they use that...

    Thoughts appreciated, TIA
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    Hi there!

    No idea yet? We have the same "problem" atm and it would be quite genious to have an answer


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