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Thread: Guidance required on DNS setup in sles10

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    Default Guidance required on DNS setup in sles10

    Hope that someone can help on my trial installation of zcs 5.0 on a sles10 server. My first try failed with a dns error and although the installation of ZCS completed when you look at the admin console the mta service is not running.

    The server is behind a firewall and I have opened port 25 to the servers internal ip address.

    So far I am using a test domain ( before I commit and move to our live domain. I have registered with dyndns mailhop relay and that forwards to our public ip address on port 25 and then hopefully through the firewall to the sles 10 server. The MX records are and

    So, I think the bit I am struggling with is the dns setup on sles 10. Can anyone give me an easy to follow guide on setting up sles 10 dns to work with ZCS 5.0.

    Also once dns is configured can I amend the zcs config to make mta work or do I need to run through the install again.

    There are various dns setup options on the yast2 gui so not sure if it is best to use those or edit the files directly.

    I'm not very experienced with linux so please treat me gently.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I don't think mta service is not running because of DNS issue. Other email service like sendmail might have aquired the port 25, hence Zimbra postfix failing to start. What do you see in /var/log/zimbra.log when you run following command:

    su - zimbra
    zmmmtactl start

    For the DNS issue:
    You are trying to configure a splitDNS setup. Where Zimbra server is behind a firewall and needs to resolve its address in internal network. Following page describes the situation and second page gives direction to configure DNS on a SLES system:

    Split DNS - Zimbra :: Wiki
    SUSE Linux Enterpise Server 9 NAT HOWTO - Zimbra :: Wiki
    - Irfan

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    Go to Split DNS - Zimbra :: Wiki to see how to create a split dns.
    From what I've seen, zimbra's mta, postfix, tries to authenticate itself and if the output of "host -t mx" shows your external fw address from the zimbra server, zimbra will not route mail properly. If your unconfortable manually editing dns files do a search on how to use webmin to help. This was my major problem and once we added a split dns server to the zimbra box that only zimbra uses it's now working like a charm hosting several of our live domains.
    Good luck.

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