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Thread: I think I did something really stupid.

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    Default I think I did something really stupid.

    So we decided to go with the NE Starter Edition, and as usual, I got tasked with installing it. Created the VM for it, installed CentOS, then installed and set up ZCS. Problem was, after I installed it, I couldn't get the HTTP service to start for the life of me.

    Then, in a fit of sudden bad thinking, I recalled reading something about previously installed packages conflicting with ZCS, and for some reason I convinced myself that installing CentOS with the "server" packages was what had caused this. So I wiped the VM, installed a fresh copy of CentOS with only the most rudimentary stuff, and reinstalled Zimbra.

    Yeah, probably not the smartest thing I've ever done.

    Anyway, when I was finishing up the second install, Zimbra tells me it's unable to add the license. This was when I really started to realize the error of my ways. Am I correct in assuming that since I let the install finish one time with this license, that's the reason this install is refusing to accept the thing? Because it thinks the license is already in use somewhere else?

    If so, can this be remedied somehow?

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    Unlikely - we don't really work MS activation style at the moment. Was this in the setup menu (enter the filename that contains the license) or later during install (looking for a valid license to install)?
    Could you attach some snips from your install.log.# & zmsetup.#.log from your /tmp directory?

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