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Thread: [SOLVED] Upgrade Path Suggested - Starting From 5.0.6 FOSS to 5.0.9 NE

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    Default [SOLVED] Upgrade Path Suggested - Starting From 5.0.6 FOSS to 5.0.9 NE


    We have a 20 node setup on 5.0.6 FOSS that we need to migrate to NE 5.0.9.

    Are setup includes:

    [2] LDAP Servers with 1 virtual IP (managed by heartbeat) - this virtual is what is the registered ldap url (ie: The 2nd LDAP server is basically a replica that can be converted to master with heartbeat scripts.

    [2] Mail store servers with 1 virtual IP and connected SAN (maintained by heartbeat) - this virtual IP is also the registered server name (ie: The 2nd mailstore is offline and used in case of hardware emergency from the primary.

    [2] MTA Relay Servers each having their own Zimbra server identity, and a virtual IP for DNS names to point to (ie:

    [14] MTA MX Servers each registered in Zimbra as zMX[01-14]

    The Mail Store Primary, MTA Relays, and MTA MX Servers, all use a local LDAP Replica.

    Our Goal (Simply Put) is to run 5.0.9 NE.

    I see two different paths we could take

    Option 1:
    Upgrade 5.0.6 FOSS to 5.0.6 NE, then upgrade 5.0.6 NE to 5.0.9 NE

    Option 2:
    Upgrade 5.0.6 FOSS to 5.0.9 FOSS, then Upgrade to 5.0.9 NE

    The sequence of upgrades is basically DB(LDAP), Mail-Store, MTA's

    Thanks again!

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    Don't forget a backup.

    If I had to pick probably option 2 instead of option 1 (simply to avoid any fixed issues in the 5.0.6 install script). (You could technically could do it in one sitting (5.0.9 & NE changeover), but splitting it up does have certain advantages in troubleshooting any issues.)

    This also doesn't matter as you plan to do it in one sitting (& I don't know if you're doing it that way on purpose - or you may be totally blocking pt 25 anyways and just want the stores up soon so people can interact with them) but we recently changed the preferred order to LDAP (master then replicas) > MTA (mainly to get them accepting mail right away so they can queue mail until the mailstores are up, plus mailstores are capable of being staggered) Dedicated Proxies > Mailstore > Or proxies here depending on their importance to you. NE Release Notes.pdf
    Rolling Upgrades for ZCS - Zimbra :: Wiki

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    Great, thanks Mike!

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