Hello guys,

I can be called newbie in Zimbra administration and i do have some problems configuring webserver for Zimbra.

I have a computer with 2 IP address and 2 DNS redirections (which works flawlessly) and I'd like to set up 2webserver on this comp.

computer.domain.com --> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
mail.domain.com --> yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy
Both IP address are on the same computer

The first one is a classic Apache2 webserver, and the second one will host Zimbra mail.

in order to do that I have 2 DNS redirect.
The first one is computer.mydomain.com which will be resolving the Apache2 Webserver.
And the second one will be mail.mydomain.com which will be resolving the Zimbra plateform.

I'm doing it with the "Listen" directive in Apache2.
in apache2 I just added this line :

Listen xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP address where the DNS computer.mydomain.com is pointing. It works fine for Apache2, the webserver is only listening on this Interface instead of both (which is the default configuration for Apache2).
The problem comes from Zimbra, as soon as I start Zimbra service, the Webserver is listening one both interface (computer.mydomain.com and mail.mydomain.com) which override the Apache2 configuration.

The result is as I point on
http://mail.domain.com, Zimbra is answering, but as I go to computer.domain.com, Zimbra is also answering and I don't want it to.

Any suggestions on how to make Zimbra listening on ONLY ONE interfaces and not both ?

I tryed to set up some config in both files ./zimbra/conf.httpd.conf
and ./zimbra/httpd/conf/httpd.conf but nothing is working.
this crazy Zimbra always want to Listen on Both interfaces.

I please you power Zimbra Admin to give me some tweaks to make it works as I want it to.

Thank you guys