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Thread: zimbra 5.0.9 : multiservers: http proxy : Admin view mail function not

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    Default zimbra 5.0.9 : multiservers: http proxy : Admin view mail function not


    i have update my multi server installation to 5.0.9 and activate http proxy.

    All is working fine, but the function "view mail" in admin not working (to see the content of a mailbox).

    i have a javascript error (in french sorry):

    Erreur de JavaScript in method ZaAccountListController._viewMailListenerLauncher Mail : Le serveur fonctionne en mode « Proxy inverse » alors que ce mode nest pas activé sur le serveur {1}. Raison : le domaine {2} nest associé à aucun serveur, ou il est associé à un serveur sur lequel le mode « Proxy inverse » nest pas activé. Method: ZaAccountListContr...

    (server is in reverse proxy mode, and this mode is node is not activated on server{1} ???(which server?). Reason : Domain {2} ??? which domain ? is not associated with a server or is associated to a server on which reverse proxy mode is not activated.....

    the cluster:

                                     --> ---    |                                        |-----------> (mailbox server)
                                     --> --
    Can you help me ?


    Alexandre Derumier
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