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Thread: Weird bug with multiple domains

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    Default Weird bug with multiple domains


    I have multiple domains

    domain1 is the default domain,
    I create a new user in domain1

    I want to add an alias for that user in domain2, doesn't work.

    I add a user to domain2 , ends up being a user of domain1 in the
    list, when you edit it says domain2. SMTP accepts mail for that user
    in domain1 but not domain2

    When you select domain3 from the list when creating an alias,
    domain2 seems to be selected (index -1 ?) , when you're done
    updating the alias, the alias remains unchaned but the user
    is now a user of domain2. SMTP accepts mail for domain2 but not
    for domain3 (as requested)

    What is going on???

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    I've found that the admin web interface sometimes gets confused when adding a domain then attempting to make changes (like adding or changing aliases) right away. Logging out then logging in again seems to get things back in sync.

    Using the CLI with zmprov seems to be more reliable.
    Scott Hanson
    Media Ventures GmbH
    Cologne, Germany

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    are all of the domains at least fully-qualified second-level domains (like vs just domain)?

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