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    this is my first post here in the zimbra forum, I'm new to Zimbra and I'm not a natural speaker, so sorry for stupid question and maybe typos or not a very clear decription of problems.

    Now to my first (maybe stupid) question: I try to install the Zimbra software (Version 5.0.9) as a multi server setup and run into the problem when installing the proxy server and the ldap that I have to enter the zimbra user password to start the service. We are running the software on servers who are managed by a different department and the company security rules say that we as application administrators are not allowed to get any functional user passwords.
    The solution we usally to have a log sudoers file for each and every part of application wihich needs root rights to run or entries to check parts of the application if everything is OK.

    Does anybody of you has a complete list of commands which have to run as root and can post this list here.
    It is also of interest which for exaples logfiles I can only view as root.

    Thanks for the support


    Solved by finding out that the installer is writing to /etc/sudoers and our sudoers packet uses /usr/local/ets/sudoers
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