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    Default DNS Setup

    I have a CentOS 5.2 VM setup at with the DNS a record pointing to it and all the routing in place. We have a mailserver and backup mx already and want to move to Zimbra. When I go through the zimbra install, it says there are no mx records for I have the FQDN in /etc/hosts and followed the directions I found in the forum for a CentOS install. has 2 mx records. This is just a test server so I can get familiar before going live. The prod server will be and be one of the mx's. For this test server, Should I setup separate mx records on this subdomain (I only want to play around with the config and UIs and local delivery)? When we plan to go live, I assume I'll get the same message about mx records for Should that be the FQDN? Will I just ignore those messages on the prod setup? Please point me to a thread or some docs that explain if available.


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