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Thread: [SOLVED] Mail Import

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    Default [SOLVED] Mail Import

    I have times where I can't use a web ui for reading email. I also prefer using mutt for my email. Unfortunately, mutt can't handle multiple accounts.

    This is usually ok, except that I have about 5 other email accounts. I have filters setup in Thunderbird that will download my emails and push them to my IMAP account. Say, gmail gets put into the GMail folder in Zimbra. Then I know where the email came from, and I can set a priority before even opening the email.

    I'm not seeing any sort of Maildir format on the filesystem. I'm trying to figure out where I should be putting the emails so that can get to where they're supposed to.

    I don't know where to ask for help on this. I hope the forums here can give me some idea how to get back on track.

    Right now I have a getmail script that downloads all the emails for me and pretty much queues them up. I also have it set up for them to be delivered to a Maildir type setup, which it doesn't appear Zimbra does.

    If anybody has any help or at least understands what I'm asking, Thanks.

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    Zimbra has its own format for storing emails, therefore I would recommend that you replace your getmail script with fetchmail. Fetchmail will retrieve emails from your multiple accounts and inject them into Zimbra via Postfix (SMTP). These will be delivered like normal emails, so when you connect using Thunderbird your filters should work just as normal.

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    Default Ouch

    That wasn't the answer I was hoping for but thanks for the fast resonse.

    Is there any way to have the email put into a specific folder on the account?

    What I used to do was have Thunderbird download the POP messages and upload them to the IMAP server. I imagine there's some way to accomplish this same thing in a script.

    I'm not stuck on getmail so I'll be checking out fetchmail as soon as I post this.

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