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Thread: Installation on Gentoo

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    Default Installation on Gentoo

    I was trying to work through the readme_source.txt on Gentoo, and there were a couple of discrepancies. First, I had to create symlinks in /usr/lib for and so that the `postfix set-permissions' would work. Then, I notice that the scripts "zmmyinit", "zmldapinit", and "zmmtainit" are located in "libexec", not "bin". Finally, it seems that the zmldapinit script needs an argument, but even when I gave it one ("zimbra"), it wouldn't work. I'm stuck at this point. Has anyone gotten this up and running on Gentoo (stable)?

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    Default sync problem

    readme_source.txt didn't get updated when milestone 1 went out. Our bad, thanks for pointing out the changes we need to make.

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