I have install Zimbra without any problem.. Everything went well, but its not working.. or probably I don't have clue how to make it work.. Any help will be greatly appreciated... I am really frustrated with whole smtp server thing..
So here is my configuration.. I got Cent OS 4.0 and install zcs-3.0.1_GA_160.RHEL4.tgz (so I guess version 3.0.1). Besides I already have sendmail running on port 25, I got my own Apache (port 80) and Tomcat running (8080). I have name based virtual hosting in Apache and for jsp application Apache forward request to tomcat using jk2.
So now having said all these, when I installed zimbra.. How do I know it installed and working fine? I read admin guide document and it asking me to try https://server.domain.com:7071, but it doesn't work..
Offcourse it won't work in my setup because my server is not running at that port 7072.. So here are few millions question for you pros and creator of Zimbra.. (thanks for your help)
1. I saw Zimbra have its own Apache and tomcat, does it create problems with existing one. ( while installation, I have chosen different port for http and https)
2. How do I know Zimbra is installed and working fine
3. How will it resolve port 7071 admin webpage
4. How do I use that cool email client shown in the website demo?
5. I had to get rid of Zimbra from automatic CentOS boot up services, because if I keep it my CentOS won't bootup.. (WHY) I did manual startup with command "/etc/rc.d/init.d/zimbra start"
5. And many more, but first I wanna understand and resolve this problems so that Zimbra starts working

Thank you so much.. Please help me!!