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Thread: Install self signed SSL Root Certifcate for Entourage

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    Default Install self signed SSL Root Certifcate for Entourage

    The self signed root certificate for zimbra should be located at


    Copy ca.pem on to OS X

    On OS X , Open KeyChain Access
    Applications --> Utilities --> KeyChain Access

    In KeyChain Access, go to
    File --> Add KeyChain
    Open The file
    Hard Drive --> System --> Library --> Keychains --> X509Anchors

    On the main KeyChain Access window, you should see X509Anchors on the left hand side.

    Now, Double click on
    You will be prompted to add the certificate,
    From KeyChain Drop Down Menu, select "X509Anchors"
    On the Next Prompt, select "Always Trust" from the drop down menu.
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