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    belowzerotech Guest

    Exclamation Quota Issue

    I know it is not an installation issue, but I did not see what section to post this under, perhaps someone can point me in the right direction for future general non-installation questions.

    My problem is all of a sudden I have an email address that shot up from 15 Megabytes of usage to over 950. I have MAYBE 15-20 megs in my briefcase other then that NOTHING, at least to my knowledge. My question is A) How is this possible? B) Where does Zimbra store mailboxes and their contents? C) Should I just delete the user?

    For example I know with such mail systems as Qmail user mailboxes are folders and I can run MUTT to view the mail, is this possible in Zimbra?

    I haven't really been able to figure out how zimbra stores mailboxes and I guess that would help in this instance? well any help in this field would be appreciated. -Billy

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    belowzerotech Guest


    So I kind of said forget it, it doesn't matter, I deleted the user. Re-created it no problem. No mail no messages no items in the briefcase and there is now a 22/1000 Megabytes filled up! I do not understand this. However I recently installed Zimbra desktop and there are a TON of error messages that pile up in an outbox? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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