I've begun supporting a small office's network of PC's and was recently asked about setting up a mail system for them. They have one email address from their ISP. They do not own a domain name. They would like to have a mail system that could do the following:

  • Have one common mailbox where 2 or 3 of the empolyees could read and reply to mail.
  • They would also like to have a place to save various documentation by category that is accessible to all employees (even those that cannot access the common mailbox).
  • Not everyone would in the office would have access to the common mail folder. They would like to have each employee have their own inbox to send messages to each other only (not to the internet, purely internal messages).
  • They would use a web based interface only to access their mail system.

I've only just discovered Zimbra and was wondering where I could find documentation on how to set something like this up?

Thanks in advance for any advice you may give.