I have a POP3 connector that pulls emails from a few ISP hosted POP3 accounts, puts them through an antivirus and anti spam filter ( not the one in zimbra ) and then forwards all the clean mail to my local Zimbra server.

The problem I am trying to get around is that the domains emails that are being collected from remote POP3 are, eg, remdomain1.com, so I have to add that domain as a domain under Zimbra or none of the local users under that domain get the emails.

Problem is I also have a remote user who gets their email directly from the ISP's POP3 server. Everything up until now id OK .... until a local user on the Zimbra server tries to send an email to the remote user who is under the same domain.

As Zimbra has this domain configured in it, it assumes that mail sent to remoteuser@remdomain1.com must be a local user and as there is no remoteuser setup, bouces the email back as undeliverable.

Is there any way to tell Zimbra that mail to certain users must be sent to the configured external MTA and not to try and deliver it to one of it's own local users.

Does any of that make sense to anyone !