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Thread: Deploy Webclient only

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    Question Deploy Webclient only

    Greetings Zimbra community!

    I have fallen in love with the Webclient of Zimbra and was wondering if

    a) It is possible to deploy the webclient only on top of a current running server (postfix, maildir's, dovecot, dspam)?

    and if yes,
    b) If there are any instructions out there,

    and if that's also affirmative,
    c) A point in the right direction.

    Thanks for reading and, in advance, helping me,


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    No .

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    Hehe, dijicji2 summed it up succinctly. No, would be the easy and 99% answer. The extra 1% is that the FOSS version is open source for a reason and you could swipe all that code and put it to your needs. Of course you would need to know a hefty amount of HTML, CSS, AJAX, and all the non web programming to rebuild the server to fit your situation. At that point why not write your own?

    Basically with Zimbra you have customized Postfix and all the software Zimbra uses. It's all canned binaries built for each system the test on, or the source you can compile yourself. The software that Zimbra uses to function does not run off the standard packages which Ubuntu, Redhat, and others keep in repositories, thus the web client is not able to function off of them.

    Simple answer is no. Complicated (very) answer is, well maybe.
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    The answer is: No.
    Zimbra is a full featured Collaboration Server and one of is components is the excelent Web Client.

    But if you like so much the Web Client UI, i recomend that you use Zimbra Desktop as your client for your Postfix + Dovecot setup.

    Question: Why use Postfix+Dovecot+Dspam if Zimbra gives you that and more?
    Patricio Bruna

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