Hello everyone,

So I'm trying to migrate over to Zimbra from a Domino installation. I've got the ZCS installed on a new server. My setup goes something like this, I have my MX record pointing to a server running postfix 2.5.1 (w/o ZCS). At the moment this server acts as a relay host for the Domino server which is on a different network with a private IP. I've done this with "transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport" in the transport db I've got a record which maps the domain to the Domino's private IP. I need to keep the Domino server for a little while but want to be able to put the ZCS server online at the same time, so the first postfix server needs to route all inbound mail to both the Domino & ZCS server.

In the postfix transport file, if I put the two servers in file I get "postmap: warning: /etc/postfix/transport.db: duplicate entry: "domainname.org"" As both the servers (Domino & ZCS) are serving the same domain ("domainname.org").

Does anybody know a work around to this?