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Thread: "From" Header Re-Written by Zimbra?

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    Default "From" Header Re-Written by Zimbra?

    Ok, this one's wierd..

    It appears the real From was "From: FirstName LastName, INITIALS < >" (spaces added in <> for forum display)
    and the MTA in our system that received the email re-formatted it to be
    "From:, INITIALS < >" (spaces added in <> for forum display)

    (I see this when viewing the Headers of the message)

    So, in my email client it showed "" as though the email message came from MY MTA (which the rest of the headers show it DID NOT, it was properly sent from a remote server, ran through spam filtering, etc).

    So, the question comes... I realize the issue was really caused by an incorrect remote mail server who didn't put the email address in a proper format, but why did Zimbra (postfix) do this? If it was technically an incorrect "From", shouldn't it have just been stopped by postfix rather than re-writing it?

    What can I do to prevent these type of reactions by postfix to ensure the email doesn't look like it came from "me" when it didn't (Especially since it became an invalid email address - multiple from's - and there was a valid email in the from field)

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