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Thread: imapsync with Netscape Messaging server

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    Default imapsync with Netscape Messaging server

    We are migrating from Netscape Messaging Server. I am trying to use imapsync to move the mailboxes but I'm having problems with using authuser and Netscape (the zimbra side is working fine). Anyone with Netscape experience know if something has to be set on the server for this to work?


    This command works fine.
    /usr/bin/imapsync --buffersize 65535000 --syncinternaldates --noauthmd5 --ssl1 --host1 --user1 Bugs_Bunny --password1 bugspass --host2 --user2 bonds --authuser2 admin --password2 adminpass --authmech2 PLAIN

    But when I add authuser for our current mail setup it fails.
    bonds@merlin:~/notes$ ./imaptest
    $RCSfile: imapsync,v $ $Revision: 1.241 $ $Date: 2007/12/31 13:39:02 $
    Here is a [linux] system (Linux merlin 2.6.24-19-generic #1 SMP Wed Aug 20 22:56:21 UTC 2008 i686)
    with perl 5.8.8 and the module Mail::IMAPClient version used here is 2.2.9
    Command line used :
    /usr/bin/imapsync --buffersize 65535000 --syncinternaldates --noauthmd5 --ssl1 --host1 --user1 Bugs_Bunny --authuser1 admin --password1 adminpass --host2 --user2 bonds --authuser2 admin --password2 adminpass --authmech2 PLAIN
    will try to use LOGIN authentication on host1
    will try to use PLAIN authentication on host2
    From imap server [] port [993] user [Bugs_Bunny]
    To imap server [] port [143] user [bonds]
    Banner : No banner
    Error login : [] with user [Bugs_Bunny] auth [LOGIN]: 2 NO Password incorrect

    2 NO Password incorrect
    ...propagated at /usr/bin/imapsync line 703.

    The only entry in the Netscape imap log is a failed login for the user

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    Two suggestions, if I may...

    First, try using a later version of imapsync. The 1.99 version is available from:
    SLES10 imapsync
    You may also want to add that source as an additional Installation Repository.

    Second, (probably you have done this already!) there are some good scripts to use on this wiki page:
    Batch Processing Without Knowing Users' Passwords

    Hope that helps,

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