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    Default No shell access

    Hello All:

    I don't have shell access on my server (cpanel admin with the ssh option disabled). Am I just out of luck? With no root access (my lowest level of access is home/username) could I intall it in the non-public base directory and install via raw ftp command? Just thinking out loud here.


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    Default big problem

    Getting this to install would be a pretty large undertaking - you'd have to convince rpm to install in a different directory than /opt/zimbra.

    Once that's done, you would have a real problem running the system, since you won't be able to bind to any privileged ports - which means, among other things, that you won't be able to receive mail.

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    Default no rpm

    Come to think of it, rpm won't let you install anything if you're not root - so you'll have to download the source, and try to make the dev-install targets work by changing the destination paths. You still won't be able to bind to port 25, 80, 443, 389, etc..

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