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Thread: [SOLVED] admin account email issues

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    Default [SOLVED] admin account email issues

    I have a site where a user had an email account of before we installed zimbra on their server. I renamed the Zimbra admin user account to 'administrator'. I then assigned an alias of 'admin' to the user account for the user who in the past had an email address of ''.

    She is receiving mail to '' fine. However, she is also receiving the Zimbra admin daily mail reports which really should be going to the user account 'administrator'. Also, this site does not send us the email notifications regarding successful backups that we see from our test Zimbra install on another server.

    Can someone explain to me where Zimbra is getting it's address for administrative mail for the various reports it sends out? It would also be nice to know what reports we should expect to see.

    The test install site we have sends us email about daily backups but no daily summaries about mail delivery such as the other site is misdirecting to the alias 'admin' described above. So I'm not certain what we should be receiving in the way of admin mail from the system.

    Cheers from downunder.

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    There's actually several attributes when it comes to notifying the admin.

    av_notify_user =
    smtp_destination =
    smtp_source =
    su - zimbra
    zmlocalconfig -e
    Gobal config:
    zimbraVirusWarnAdmin: TRUE
    zimbraVirusWarnRecipient: TRUE
    su - zimbra
    zmprov mcf zimbraVirusWarnRecipient TRUE
    zmprov mcf zimbraVirusWarnAdmin TRUE

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    Default Admin account email issues

    su - zimbra
    zmlocalconfig smtp_destination
    zmlocalconfig smtp_source

    To change those values:
    zmlocalconfig -e smtp_destination=
    zmlocalconfig -e smtp_source=

    The alerts which are sent to the above address are :
    1. Diskstatus
    2. Service failure
    3. Backup Errors
    4, Email activity in a day

    Thanks, really appreciate all the help.

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