I have noticed that all Server Stats are empty (the server has been running for a week).

I have also noticed that the Server Status says something along the lines of no status.

And I have noticed that the email queues are very strange. These seem to list two queues - MTA1 and MTA2 - both of which, even straight after a fresh install contain a list of domains like 'yahoo.com', 'gmail.com' - with a number of messages (131, 101) which don't seem to change.

Also the name of MTA1 and MTA2 are: greg-d610.liquidsys.com, gregsolo.liquidsys.com - no matter which box I install Zimbra on.

So in the end two questions:

* Why do stats show nothing (logger is installed)
* Why is there mail queues which have names to do with liquidsys that don't match anything on my server?