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Thread: [SOLVED] Confused about Hardy Heron 8.04 NE support

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    Question [SOLVED] Confused about Hardy Heron 8.04 NE support


    I'm sorry for starting a new topic (I searched and everything was about half a year old) but I need some info on when 8.04 will be officially support as a Network Edition OS.

    We just received our first server and want to start playing with Zimbra right away. I'd really like to use Ubuntu but an OS that's 2+ years old (6.06) doesn't sound appealing. I've looked through the product portal (Zimbra Product Portal) and found the bug for 8.04 support (Bug 23154 – Ubuntu 8.04 - Hardy Heron) that is verfied and fixed.

    To confuse matters further, none of the OSs on the open source page are listed as beta (Ubuntu 8.04 being one of them.) Also, the open source package is 5.10 while the network package is 5.09. Are the open source packages all considered "beta" and once the bugs are hammered out those editions are ported to the network editions?

    So, long question short - when is Ubuntu 8.04 NE going to be ready for production? If it's more than a month I'll have to with 6.06 then release upgrade later but I'd rather start with a "clean" 8.04.


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    Default Thank You

    WOW - nothing like perfect timing! Thank you so much!

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