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Thread: [SOLVED] attachement vs message size

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    Default [SOLVED] attachement vs message size

    Hi Guys,

    a very quick and hopefully simple question.

    Is 'message size' the same as 'attachment size'

    The reason I'm posting this slightly ambiguous statement is that a couple of times recently Users have told me that email has not reached them that had large attachments below our allowed message size limit.

    I dismissed this, as I tend to in similar circumstances, knowing that 99% of the time it's User error that accounts for such issues!

    But it's happened again yesterday, the Boss was attempting to send an 18MB attachment in a message from home to work and received a bounce-back from our Zimbra Server saying attachment to large.

    I'm just wondering if the 'Maximum message size (kb)' in the Global Settings of the Admin pages also applies to attachments, I assume it must but just wanted to check.
    Incidentally I had it set to allow 1,000,000 KB which if I have my calculations correct is 1GB! So the message should definitely have got through as far as I can see.

    Am I missing something obvious Guys?

    This is on CentOS 5, Zimbra 5.0.9.


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    Feel free to delete this as I have now seen the Boss's bounce-back message and it was nothing to do with Zimbra as I thought it wouldn't be!

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