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Thread: MS Outlook Contact Categories

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    Default MS Outlook Contact Categories

    We have recently installed ZCS for a client and used the ZCS Import wizard to import an outlook pst file to the Zimbra server. The client has his contacts categorized in outlook and while the migration was successful for both email and contacts it didn't categorize them the same way as they were in outlook.
    It did setup Tags for some of them, but the majority of them were missed.
    Has anyone come across this before? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Default tasks not categorized!

    I also lost all of my Outlook task categories when we migrated them over and now I have 225 tasks in no order. They only show up under a category if I go in and manually retype the specific category. Would prefer not to do this for 225 tasks!

    Anyone have a short cut for getting tasks to show up as they did before using Zimbra?!

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