I have installed Zimbra CS on a fresh FC4 installation. The only two problems I experienced were /etc/hosts and the symlink issue.




I am now able to connect and log in to both the admin and user interfaces, however I am unable to receive mail. I have a test domain setup with the test address: jacko@mailcs.domain.com and I appear to be sending fine but I don't appear to be receiving mail, I tried sending a test to myself. I also tried sending a message manually by telnetting on to localhost:25 the message was accepted and queued but still no messages have appeared.

I have tried turning off DNS lookups and I am not using any of the other MTA security checks.

I have not managed to determine where the MTA traffic is being logged to so if someone could point me in that direction it would be very much appreciated along with any other suggestions.

So far, very impressed with the suite in these early stages of eval.