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Thread: Anyone successfully upgraded to 5.10 ?

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    Default Anyone successfully upgraded to 5.10 ?

    Hi there,

    I am currently using 5.06 (on an OSX Tiger box) and thought I should probably take the plunge and upgrade to 5.10. Had a few problems when I went from 5.02 - 5.06 but its hard to get support when not on the latest version.

    So I figured this thread might help any looking to upgrade like myself.

    Has anyone upgraded successfully to 5.10 ? Any tips and tricks to make the upgrade work ? Any bugs after the upgrade etc... ?

    So far there are a handful of problems being reported in the forums that I am wanting to hopefully avoid. There is also the 5.07 upgrade issue in the release notes. I am not sure if I should be changing the zmlocalconfig allow untrusted certs before I try the upgrade, or hope it doesn't need to be changed and just do it if the install fails. Is there any way to check the need for this before I attempt the upgrade?

    Also, the automatic full and incremental updates that run every night, are these adequate in the event that a restore is needed ? I am currently backing up the entire volume to an external drive using carbon copy clone as a fail safe also.

    Looking forward to any upgrade stories !
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