I see a few messages on the forums about this but no real definitive answer which is quite frustrating. Being from the 'sendmail' school it seems very odd that there isn't some simple file that I can add mail aliases to and have them work. There are many programs on the system that expect to email root such as logwatch and after installing Zimbra none of them work.

Everything else about Zimbra seems to be so well thought out and so far I can't fault it or the ability to get information about it. But this question seems to be discussed but not solved. Shouldn't something this important be in a FAQ? If it is can someone please point me to it?

I've issued the command '/opt/zimbra/bin/postconf alias_maps' which indicates the alias file is at /etc/aliase as per usual. I've edited that to add a couple of standard aliases that we need and then:


as others have mentioned this doesn't seem to work.

What has to be done to provides this very simple standard functionality to a system that has Zimbra installed on it?

Thanks in advance from down under.