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Thread: [SOLVED] Zimlets not working in renamed domain

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    Default [SOLVED] Zimlets not working in renamed domain

    when I setup my first zimbra server, I used a different domain name ( instead of "". I renamed the first domain according to the documentation and have had problems with the wiki not working, and now I notice that Zimlets aren't working either:

    They are defined in the COS, but when I enable new ones, I can't enable them for the primary domain, I get the following error:

    Mail: Invalid request: LDAP schema violation (LDAP: error code 65 - attribute 'zimbraZimletAvailableZimlets' not allowed) Errorcode service.INVALID_REQUEST Method: ZaDomainController.prototype.saveChangesCallback Details:soap:Sender

    How do I fixup my LDAP directory? Or do I need to re-setup the whole domain?

    Zimlets in additional domains are working fine


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    Default Try this

    When saving the changes I made in the default domain COS, I get an error message.

    "Message: invalid request: LDAP schema violation: [LDAP: error code 65 - attribute 'zimbraZimletAvailableZimlets' not allowed] Error code: service.INVALID_REQUEST Method: ZaDomainController.prototype.saveChangesCallback Details:soap:Sender"

    To remove the error message and solve the problem, I run these commands:
    su - zimbra
    zmprov md zimbraZimletDomainAvailableZimlets ""

    For Zimbra to be able to read the changes in the COS, reload Zimbra.

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    Default thanks

    that solved the problem!

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