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Thread: [SOLVED] Multiple Domains!

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    Default [SOLVED] Multiple Domains!

    Hello I have searched the forum and googled this subject for few days, I just can not seem to get this to work.. let me start of by explaining how far a have got to.

    Ubuntu Server
    Installed DNS
    Configured Zone File
    Installed Zimbra
    cat /etc/hosts localhost mail

    cat /etc/resolv.conf
    $TTL 86400
    @ IN SOA (
    2007062703 ;serial
    28800 ;refresh
    3600 ;retry
    604800 ;expire
    38400 ) ;minimum 25 minutes

    IN NS
    IN MX 10
    IN A
    mail IN A
    cat named.conf.local
    // Do any local configuration here

    // Consider adding the 1918 zones here, if they are not used in your
    // organization
    //include "/etc/bind/zones.rfc1918";

    zone "" {
    type master;
    file "/etc/bind/zones/";
    Network Setup:

    Domains Hosted by 1and1

    Pointed MX on 1and1 to zimbra static ip for both domains.

    WAN --> Router --> Firewall > -- Zimbra

    Ports Forwarded 25
    Relay smtp out through Firewall which has smtp server setup on.
    What I would like to do is add to Zimbra and be able to receive and send out emails like

    Figured it out it works now. All is left is to setup all my accounts and point my mx records to my static IP!..
    Zimbra. Rocks
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