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Thread: Split-DNS: can external users access ZCS ?

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    Default Split-DNS: can external users access ZCS ?


    can external users (from the internet) access our Zimbra-server by typing in their webbrowser,
    if we use the following split-DNS scenario described on the zimbra wiki

    Thank's a lot for any feedback!


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    If you use the split-DNS then your server will be resolvable from itself which means ZCS will work correctly, and internet based resolution will be handled by your external facing DNS server. As long as you are either port forwarding or have the necessary port open on your firewall/router you will be mean. With respect to the URL you have mentioned for connecting to ZCS you will just need to use the FQDN of your server and drop the /mail addition. If you wished to use that then you would need a redirection in place.

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