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Thread: POP3 and SMTP Connectors - GMAIL

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    Default POP3 and SMTP Connectors - GMAIL


    We have been running SBS 2003 with Exchange 2003. We only have a few accounts so we decided to switch to Zimbra to simplify our lives.

    Since our ISP will not allow us to do a reverse DNS lookup we had exchange setup to send/recieve mail through Gmails POP/SMTP servers. We would like to have this same setup with Zimbra.

    I would greatly appreciate anyone willing to help me set this up.


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    Anyone? I am serious about getting this setup. If anyone is interested I'd be willing to compensate them for their time in helping me get this setup. Feel free to PM or IM me.


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    Default SMTP Relaying mail via GMail

    Sending e-mails through GMail SMTP is possible. Just follow the steps described in the Zimbra wiki. The SMTP Server name is / TLS port is 587. The described approach brings you far. With the additional two changes, you will be able to send mail through GMail:

    postconf -e smtp_use_tls=yes
    postconf -e smtp_sasl_security_options=noanonymous

    However, I noticed, that GMail is sending the mail under the name of the GMail account rather than the mail address of the sender...

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