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Thread: [SOLVED] mysql - does it have to be just for Zimbra?

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    Default [SOLVED] mysql - does it have to be just for Zimbra?

    OK, I appreciate this has no doubt been asked before, but trying to find a definitive answer in the sea of search post hits is a nightmare!

    I'm setting up 2 new dedicated servers to replace my current single server (moving hosts).

    One was going to be for email / mysql / dns and the other just for apache.

    I really want to seperate the mysql and apache systems onto two seperate servers to distribute the load a bit.

    From reading the info for Zimbra, it says you can't use any existing services (i.e. mysql / apache) on the server because Zimbra will replace them. That's fine - my question is, can I setup mysql to host other databases afterwards?

    Mail Accounts wise, we're going to have a couple of hundred tops, nothing major, so I don't see the load as being ridiculous, but I'd rather save the £80pm another dedicated server would cost simply to run mysql!

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    don't use zimbra mysql for anything else. however you can use standard os mysql - zimbra mysql uses nonstandard ports to the normal os mysql will run just fine as normal.

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    Yeah, I noticed that after I setup Zimbra on the server.

    Have to say the whole installation and setup procedure was a dream to use! Installed fine first time, except I forgot to set the server name so had to uninstall and reinstall it!

    But it all went perfectly. Now to start transferring mail accounts over to it!

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