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Thread: Multiple Servers - One interface

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    Question Multiple Servers - One interface

    I have read the Multiple Servers PDF but I cant seem to find the answer to this question.

    If I wanted two mail servers on two different sites (two different domain names) could I manage them from one webinterface ? Or is the multiple server thing just for seperating the ifferent parts of one server, such as MTA on one server and LDAP on another

    Many thanks, Ade

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    You can:
    Put several domains on one server, and manage them from one interface.
    Put one domain on several servers, and manage it from one interface.
    Put several domains on several servers, and manage them from one interface.
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    Smile Cool

    I think its the later Im interested in.

    Lets say I want my first server to be the main one ( for instance). I install all Zimbra services to this server.

    I think have a second server, on a remote site (say 2meg leased line connection). What parts of Zimbra do I install on this server (say I guess I dont put LDAP on but what about the other parts. How do I add the second server into the first servers web interface?

    Thanks for the speedy answer BTW

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