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Thread: Calendar Script Errors

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    Default Calendar Script Errors

    Hello Everyone-
    I am not sure this is the correct forum for this post. Let me know if not.

    I am getting a script error on zimbra calendar, when I open it up.

    I imported my mail and mail folders successfully from Outlook into Zimbra. Mail is being delivered and all is working great there.

    We imported my old outlook calendar as an .ics file and the import said it completed successfully. However, everytime I open calendar I get a long series of script errors. The script errors happen in both Firefox 3.0.3 and IE 7.

    The error just says that a script running on this page is causing IE or FF to run slowly and asks if I want to continue running it. If I click yes everytime, the calendar and my appnts seem to eventually appear, but it takes an hour or more to get to that point. If I click no, an empty calendar will appear. After I click yes for what seems like 100 times, I stop getting the error and at least some appnts seem to be there; but the calendar moves so slowly it's unusable. I can't click on anything without it locking up the whole browser instance. I can't change views from day to month etc without it reloading and starting over with the scripts.

    The text on the error obviously isn't helpful. I am not sure what other information I could include.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Default debug

    I ran the debug (?mjsf=true&gzip=false&debug=1) I found in another post. But I am not sure which part to post.

    I can see a box that seems to list the appnts and another with the dates of the appnts and others I can't immed identify.

    Let me know and I would be glad to posts the details of the others. THANKS!

    The first one that seems to deal with the calendar specifically :

    ZmZimbraMail button press: Calendar
    activateApp: Calendar, current app = Mail
    Launching app Calendar
    pushView: LOADING
    createView: CAL
    pushView: CAL
    show tree footer: true
    GetMiniCalRequest (asynchronous)
    Body: {
    GetMiniCalRequest: {
    _jsns: "urn:zimbraMail",
    e: 1226210400000,
    folder: [
    0: {
    id: "10"
    s: 1222578000000
    Header: {
    context: {
    _jsns: "urn:zimbra",
    account: {
    _content: "",
    by: "name"
    authToken: "0_55cfa30cdfdef9f19734f60aa31336d1708489e8_69643d3 3363a37626461633061662d356562322d343433632d6165636 32d3036633037366134363365643b6578703d31333a3132323 53535323033393534313b747970653d363a7a696d6272613b",
    format: {
    type: "js"
    sessionId: {
    _content: 149,
    id: 149
    userAgent: {
    name: "ZimbraWebClient - FF3.0 (Win)",
    version: "5.0.9_GA_2533.UBUNTU8_64"

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