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    How does Zimbra support one-way synchronization to other calendars, other calendar being Zimbra or Oulook, for example? Obviously you want work appointments on your private calendar, put no private appointments (or at most free-busy for certain hours) in your work calendar. If there is none, what are the likely steps to make it happen, coding, and third party sources allowed? Target client Windows-Ubuntu-mobile.

    Are Zimlet a replacement for scripting available in some other clients. Can I create a new appointment, or insert canned text using Zimlets? Or is there other scripting available to me?

    The way forward for mobility, is that SyncML or AUTD or other protocol? I want to prepare the mobility part for once you guys get there.

    What is the support for archiving six months+ old content. Outlook supports pst files as the boneyard, are there other known ways (OpenSource and standards encouraged)?


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    - One-way sync is done with ics/ical export and REST URLs. If you want two-way sync for Outlook you'll need the Outlook Connector.

    - Zimlets work well for client scripting and mash ups of other data. For adding appointments and data management we have a SOAP or command line interface. This is in addition to the admin UI.

    - We plan to support Treo/PocketPC devices first in mobility. Blackberry and SyncML support are also planned.

    - Our Network Edition includes native HSM for archiving of mail to slower disks for lower TCO. In the OSS Edition you may be able to roll your own but this would be a bit trickier.
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