How does Zimbra support one-way synchronization to other calendars, other calendar being Zimbra or Oulook, for example? Obviously you want work appointments on your private calendar, put no private appointments (or at most free-busy for certain hours) in your work calendar. If there is none, what are the likely steps to make it happen, coding, and third party sources allowed? Target client Windows-Ubuntu-mobile.

Are Zimlet a replacement for scripting available in some other clients. Can I create a new appointment, or insert canned text using Zimlets? Or is there other scripting available to me?

The way forward for mobility, is that SyncML or AUTD or other protocol? I want to prepare the mobility part for once you guys get there.

What is the support for archiving six months+ old content. Outlook supports pst files as the boneyard, are there other known ways (OpenSource and standards encouraged)?