I have a new OSS install of Zimbra and for the most part everything is working great! I do however believe there may be some issues with the spam handling. For one, I am not finding much information about an "invisible" filter that moves messages tagged as spam into the Junk folder. I know I can create add a subject tag and a filter to move messages based on that tag OR the header if a messages is deemed spam but that seems bulky. I have messages that are showing up in the inbox with headers clearly showing the sa score has exceeded the 24% or 4.8 score and has a "X-Spam-Flag: YES" line. Why aren't these messages automatically being filtered to the junk folder? What can I check/do to provide more information if it is needed to figure this out?

Second, and probably more complicated?? is that when I view messages for my spam user there are no messages showing up. I am assuming any messages moved to the 'Junk' folder via the Web UI, IMAP, or marked and moved by clicking the 'Junk' button should show up here? If I am wrong, how do I test to see if this system of training the sa bayesian filter is working? If I am assuming correctly, how can I troubleshoot this?

One note that is probably very important for this issue is that I did rename the server at one point and it's possible pointers for the spam accounts are wrong? I'm just not sure how to verify this.